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People of the Mountains – Igorots of the Cordillera

Three weeks in the Cordilleras of Luzon and I feel like I have only scratched the surface of experiencing the rich cultures that make up the Igorot people. This is a common trend I have experienced while working on the Katutubong Filipino Project and one reason I hope to extended the project longer term, perhaps for another three years. More time is needed. This is especially true when trying to tell the story of the Igorot people who live in six different provinces with over 20 tribes all speaking different languages, practicing different rituals, and have different beliefs and cultures.

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An Assignment with Share an Opportunity

I spent last week with the folks from Baptist World Aid Australia and Share an Opportunity Philippines (SAO) working on an assignment in Panay and Negros Islands. SAO has a number of programs here in the Philippines focusing primarily on community development using a holistic approach. It sounds complicated, but the basic idea is that in order to improve a child’s life you have to improve all aspects of the community that influence that child.

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Interview with Asian Photography Magazine

Jacob Maentz is an American travel and stock photographer based in the Philippines. He came to the country as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in 2003. Jacob’s two year service gained him an admiration for their culture and different way of life. He grew up close to nature and has an academic background of Wildlife and Conservation Biology.

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